Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why do we fall in love?

Falling in love is a magical feeling that is very hard to explain, its unique and complicated making it a very mysterious thing. A professor is exploring the dynamics why to people fall in love. People is motivated to seek love because we want to expand ourselves and increase our effectiveness. In order to get this is to have a relationship to other people. We like to feel that we have an ability to be an effective person to others, commonly in our relationships. Admit it or not that we fall in love with a person that is attractive in our perception and appropriate for us, but this not comes alone, we can also fall in love if the person that you are attracted to also demonstrates that they are also attracted to us. This makes us think that we have a great opportunity is open to us for self-expansion. The fact that they are attracted to us offers a significant opportunity — when we perceive this, we feel a surge of exhilaration! Contrary for most people think, statistics show that most people fall in love to the person that they have known for quite a while. This is the interesting part, if you are very unattractive, it can hurt you in relationships, however, according to studies being that much attractive doesn't help that much. They have found out that kindness and intelligence are extremely big factors in falling in love. And attractiveness is not connected to this things. Kindness and intelligence are things that people learn about someone from knowing them over time. Intelligence is a good aspect in life and especially in love, but kindness is the most strongest aspect in a long term relationship.

The Most Expensive Cellphone

For most people cellphone is a part of everyday living, even I can't leave the house without my cellphone. Cellphone is a device for communication, however, as of today cellphones have other uses. Cellphones with cameras, mp3 player and that can access to the internet are very popular. People also spend lots of money for a cellphone, but would you dare to buy a cellphone that is worth a million dollar? The GoldVish Le Million is actually $1.3 million, and recorded by the Guinness World Record as the most expensive cellphone in the world. As you can see it has an odd shape and is made out of 18-carat white gold and features 1,800 diamonds totaling 120 carats. A Russian businessman bought GoldVish for his wife last September in Cannes, France. The Geneva-based Goldvish has more gold plated and diamond studded cases cellphones.

The Tallest Man Ever

Height really does matter for most people, but if you stand about 8 feet and 11 inches thats another story. Robert Pershing Wadlow is the tallest man ever recorded in medical history, he stands 8 feet 11 inches when he was last measured on June 27, 1940. He was born in Alton, Illinois, USA, on February 22, 1918. At the age of nine he was able to carry his father up the stairs, during that time his father Harold stands 5 feet and 11 inches, and weighed 77 kg. A strong kid hah? Robert Wadlow's greates recorded weight was 222.71 kg during his 21st bithday. The size of his shoe was 18 inches long and his hands measured more than 12 inches from the wrist to the middle finger. His daily food consumption was 8000 calories, far more than an average person. This giant died on July 15, 1940 at the age of 21. A result of a septic blister on his right ankle caused by a brace.

The Fastest Car

Do you know what is the fastest car? It is the Ultima GTR a sports car manufacutred by Ultima Sports Ltd, and commentators also described it as a supercar. Its design is mid engined, rear wheel drive, withe a tubular steel space frame chassis. There is also convertible version calle Ultima Can-am. Recently Ultima have focuse their efforts on a record-breaking activities using a model with 640 brake horsepower American Speed engine, they call it the Ultima GTR640, and the GTR720 with a 720 brake horsepower engine. The result is that they are have a Guinness world record and an outstanding 730 horsepower. This car goes from:
  • Fastest 0-60 mph time: 2.6 seconds
  • Fastest 0-100 mph time: 5.3 seconds
  • Fastest 100-0 mph time: 3.6 seconds
  • Fastest 0-100-0 mph time: 9.4 seconds

Air Jordan

Do you know who invented the fade away shot in the world of basketball? It's no other than Michael Jordan, he is a legendary basketball players and some people says that he is the greatest basketball player of all time. However, he already stop playing basketball few years ago. Air jordan is a name of a shoe wear that was created by nike. This shoe wear is the one that Michael Jordan used when he was still playing basketball. Even though he retired from playing, this shoe wear still produced new kinds of shoes and some of his shoes are collector items. Air jordan is one of the most popular brand of shoes in the world, especially for basketball fanatics.